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Nika and Olivier

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Our Story

Nika met Olivier through Nika's brother Misha, a close high school friend and wrestling partner of Olivier's. Although they admired each other from afar, their story didn't begin until many years later.
In December 2016, Olivier was finishing his last year at West Point while Nika was working in Austin, Texas. When Nika returned home for the holidays, Misha invited her and her two friends Olivia and Naseme up to Olivier’s cabin in Bear Valley for a few days of skiing and fun. Nika and her friends were secretly excited to see what had become of Olivier and when he picked them up in JB's bright yellow ski jacket and raccoon fur hat, Nika was instantly charmed. Olivier and Nika’s best friends had an unforgettable weekend of dancing, skiing, good food, and non-stop festivities. On New Years 2017, Olivier and Nika watched fireworks together and held hands walking back to the cabin in the snow, and stayed up all night talking.
After the friends all parted ways, returning to life and responsibility, the two stayed in touch, keeping tabs on each others’ lives. When they found out that over the summer they would both be in Mill Valley they planned to meet. Olivier had graduated West Point and Nika was on to a new career path with animals. After their first date on Hawk Hill (where Olivier later proposed), they spent the rest of the summer together. After that unforgettable summer, they were so in love that they agreed to date long distance.

Since then, the two have spent the past six years living together and apart, supporting each others’ goals and achievements. For Olivier, this was becoming a Ranger in Georgia, rising through the ranks of the Army in Seattle, and moving to Boston to pursue an MBA at MIT. For Nika, this was getting a Master’s degree in New York and pursuing a Veterinary degree at UC Davis. The couple also got their first lessons in parenting when they got a dog together - Monty!

They are looking forward to ending their longest period of long distance in May 2024, both finishing graduate school, moving back to the Bay Area, and getting married!